3Doodler: A Review of One of the Best 3D Pens

Are you looking for a 3D pen? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place as in the following there will be a review on one of the 3d pens in the market. If you want to read other reviews on 3d pens, you can go to http://www.bestpedia.co/best-3d-printing-pens/.

3Doodler in the first version had a less comfortable grip and a bit difficult if you want to make an arch. But this time 3Doodler already has a new shape and certainly has a lot of enhancements and improvements that make this 3Doodler be more convenient and easy to use. 3Doodler new one has two buttons, one of which serves to hold the molten plastic so that you can be more comfortable in making shapes without having to continually press the button.

The latest 3Doodler also have an extra battery, so you can be freer in the drawing without being distracted by the power cable. By using a new plastic material called Flexy. 3Doodler itself initially is one of the ideas on the Kickstarter project and the pen printer is priced $ 99. So, once there is a 3D printer, this time there is a printer pen. What else technologies that will attend next?

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