Knowing the walleye fish

Oregon Walleye Fishing Guide – The walleye is a popular game fish not just because of it’s delicious and tender meat, but it’s also due to its stealthy behavior. The walleye could be a challenging fish game, even for the professional anglers or fishermen. As any angler would say, the harder a fish to catch, the more fun fishing it becomes.

The walleye are elusive and prefer to live in the shadows. When the daylight is bright, they like to hide near the underwater structures such as the weeds or the sunken island. The night time or the low light condition is their favorite time to hunt, and they prefer the dark condition and murky water to hunt it’s because of the walleye themselves could see and navigate better than their prey.

The usual length of the walleye fish is around 14 inches or 36cm long and it usual weight is around 0.45 kilograms (1 pound), and it’s considered for the best size to be cooked. The water temperature that they like is around 73 degrees F (22.7 degrees C). When they’re still juvenile, they hunt the insects until they reach the 20cm (8 inches) long, then they started to hunt the minnows or leeches.

The wide choices of strategies, bait, and techniques that can be used to catch the walleye are the main reason that made the walleye fishing is very interesting. Maybe you can experiment with a new technique that could catch the walleye more efficiently, who knows?

To maximize your trolling you can use the downriggers and also planner boards in order to maximize your trolling while fishing the walleye. You can also challenge yourself in the unique sensation of the night fishing. The downriggers could give you the best result for fishing the walleye in the deep of dark and murky water, where the walleye loved to hang around.

That’s it the info about the walleye fish. Remember that this fish has its own suitable live baits for each season, and also has the different jigging technique that depends on the water temperature.

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