These phases of recruitment the George Comic Associates, Inc.

Technically, GKA as engineering firms recruiting in Minneapolis has several processes in receiving clients and candidates tech recruiters in Minneapolis. 6 The process shall be passed by all the candidates and the company is a client for GKA. In the first process, a team of GKA has the authority to look at your resume or profile of your company such as the position of what the company wants, how the culture of the company, expected salary, treatment of staff and whether there are complaints from employees during the company’s stand-after look at the company profile, the team GKA will find candidates for the company.

The phase of two in the search for candidates is done through a database owned by GKA that includes Professional and Industry Networking. Their intelligence to advertising themselves as a worker, then look at the School Networking of candidates and High Visibility Job Postings. After going through the secondly process of candidate then enters the third process, the screening of candidates which GKA team will analyse resumes made by the candidates. The candidates who meet the criteria will be invoked through direct interviews and personal meetings with the GKA to see the candidate’s capabilities and the ability to create itself as a reliable worker and skills.

After conducting interviews with candidates then the GKA will give your resume to the company requesting party workers at GKA including estimated salary desired by the candidates. This process is still very long because the candidates will still go through the interview coordinated by the GKA before will get feedback or news from the company and also from the candidates themselves. When the company has received the candidate well and get what companies want then GKA will work to serve the company’s joint candidate to provide working facilities, and contract reference. As well as putting the candidates directly in a company that has become a client of GKA.

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